The Atlas World Group Mission

About Atlas World Group

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas World Group, Inc. comprises a family of companies that deliver transportation and related services globally through a network of quality agents and select service partners. Atlas is distinguished by agent ownership and a shared commitment to help people go new places more easily and more securely. Through a continuing emphasis on service excellence, the company has achieved extraordinary growth.

Our Mission

Every day we help you go new places®
with expertise in moving and logistics,
bringing the world within reach.

The Atlas Brand Stands For:


We understand the importance of pursuing dreams for those we serve.


We bring an unrivaled dedication to problem solving.

Global Reach

We have a network of resources that connects our customers to best-in-class services throughout the world.


We commit to the well-being of our people, our customers, our company, our communities and our planet.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe our customers and our future are best served by our network of independent agent owners.